Agronegocios Jewell, a prominent pulses exporter from Argentina

Buenos Aires, July 18th. Based at Rosario (Santa Fe Province), Agronegocios Jewell (AJ) is one of the largest chickpeas exporters from Argentina. Acquired in 2010, the company is part of Roagro Group, a commodities trading company that operates both spot as future grain markets.

According to the official registers (DJVE or Foreign Sales Sworn Declaration) during 2017 AJ was granted with near 11,000 tons of chickpeas licenses for export, and 2,000 tons of dry beans, and 3,300 tons of organic wheat. In the case of chickpeas, this volume situates AJ as the second largest exporter from Argentina.

“We buy chickpeas and dry beans to farmers, mainly from Cordoba Province in the first case and Salta Province in the second case. We use two facilities to process beans in the NorthWest (Salta y Jujuy Provinces) and the third plant in Córdoba to process chickpeas. We also have a storage facility in Bouquet, Santa Fe Province”, explain Delfina Uranga, Commercial Manager from AJ, talking with

During 2018 (updated to July 17th), the company was granted with licenses to export more than 7,000 tons of chickpeas, 1,600 tons of dry beans and 2,400 tons of organic wheat. “But we aspire to be the largest chickpeas exporters from Argentina, expand our operation and have our own brand”, added Ms. Uranga. The target is to reach 15,000 tons of chickpeas and 8,000 tons of dry beans exported in the short term.

“We hope Argentina has a great future as a legume producer and a global supplier”, opine Ms. Uranga, “but all depend on the world prices trends, where India is a key player”. “The European Union is the target market; it´s already open to local pulses, but it’s an exigent market about quality, pesticide residues, and certification compliance. On the other hand, there are Asian markets less exigent but more hazardous in commercial terms”, explain the executive from Agronegocios Jewell.

According to the Census and Statistics National Institute, during 2017 Argentina export:

Chickpeas: 166,645 tons.

White Beans: 144,164 tons

Black Beans: 141,167 tons

Peas: 85,598 tons.

Lentils: 2,471 tons

Other Beans: 51,414 tons


Contact Delfina Uranga: [email protected]


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