chickpeas, peas and lentils exports drop this season

Buenos Aires, July 16th. According to the Argentinean Census and Statistics National Institute (INDEC) in the first five months of the year it be exported 123,273 tons between peas, chickpeas and lentils versus 158,391 tons in the same period of 2017, that is to say a 29% interannual decrease.

The main product are the chickpeas with a total of 91,762 tons and a 20% decreasing, followed by peas with 31,273 tons and a 25% decreasing. But the largest percentage declining was focused in lentils, with 238 tons versus 1,821 tons last year and a 87% less.

The official statistics shows a declining also in the average price of the exports. From January to May, the average FOB price of the chickpeas exports was 962 dollars per tonne versus 1,065 dollars last year. Peas FOB prices virtually has no changes, while lentils FOB prices declined from 1,098 to 840 dollars per tonne.

The records also shows that some countries have cut the imports dramatically. For example Pakistan bought 18,740 tons of chickpeas (Jan/May) in 2017 but only 3,672 tons this year. Turkey also reduced its chickpeas imports from 22,213 tons in 2017 to 12,615 tons this year.

In the case of peas, the main import reduction comes from India, who passed to buy 10,840 tons last year to 3,083 in the first five months of 2018. Russia, also, resigned 50% of its imports when it passed from 3,556 to 1,696 tons.

“It must be considerer the commercial year instead the calendar year, but I agree that the commercial year will end 10% below in volumen respect 2016/17 season”, says market analyst Adrian Poletti, from Incrementar SA, asked by

“The main concern is about prices, because chickpeas global offer increased significatively last season and the prices was pushed down. There was a huge offer from North America, even from Mexico, with a small diameter chickpeas “, adds. Mr. Poletti estimates that Argentine farmers are planting between 90,000 to 100,000 hectares of chickpeas , but that due to the lowes prices, next season acreage could down 20 percent.

“In the case of the peas, India’s decission to impose an import tax had a dramatic impact over our exports. Argentina were no able to export its yellow peas production to India, while China, the alternative market, doesn’t open its import to our country. Maybe, next year the protocols will be over and we will able to export yellow peas to China”, express Mr. Poletti.


The main exporters analyzed the official records of exports licenses, granted during the first half of 2018 by Ministry of AgIndustry. We found that the first chickpeas exporter was Desdelsur SA with 13,556 tons or 16% over a total of 85,421 tons. The other largest exporters were:

2.- Agronegocios Jewel SA with 6,382 tons (7%).

3.- Primore SA with 5,494 tons (6%).

4.- Cono SA with 4,632 tons (5%).

5.- Lihue Tue with 4,521 tons (5%).

In the case of peas, over a total of 35,886 tons authorized to exports, large farmers coooperative AFA accounted 8,275 or the 23 percent. The other largest exports were:

2.- Barbini y Ostoich SA with 4,030 tons (11%)

3.- Agrofin Agrocommodities with 2160 tons (6%)

4.- Healthhyveg SA with 1,935 tons (5%).


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