Best Weather Radar Apps for Android

Imagine planning a perfect weekend with your friends at a beach resort and watching it all go in vain because of rain. Doesn’t look like a pretty picture, does it? Understanding the weather forecast before planning a trip is not only wise but also a necessity.

Even if all the other arrangements are top-notch, the weather cannot be trusted. The same goes for going out to get a drink at a bar and being stuck there because of heavy pouring.

All this can be avoided through a series of quick swipes on your phone. The technology has been enhanced enough to let us know about the current and near-future weather right from the palm of our hand. 

There are innumerable apps on mobile phones that allow us to see weather forecasts every next minute, hour, day, and sometimes even a week! 

So why not take advantage of the blessing disguised as phones and always be prepared before-hand? Therefore, I have compiled some of the best weather apps available on android phones to help you choose the perfect app for you.

Best Weather Radar Apps for Android in 2021

1. 1Weather

Evade the rain from just seeing the notifications on your phone as 1Weather gives an hourly update on a possibility of rain and warns with the speed of light.

Being the recipient of an award for being the best weather app, 1Weather gives relevant information about the day’s temperature, wind speed, humidity, Barometric pressure, Dew point, chances of rain, and much more.

You can make a detailed plan for a day, a week, or even a month without being uncertain about the weather condition.


  • Temperature data for all the cities and states of the United States
  • Data on current and future weather
  • Possibility of snow or rain
  • Warning for Cyclone, Earthquake, hurricane, etc

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather has been a trusted app for many years and can be relied upon for accurate weather forecast whenever you need them.

It gives warnings about possible harsh weather conditions and allows you to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

You can get detailed information about the temperature and potential rise and fall in it. Now you can freely plan a day-out by getting a detailed weather forecast for the next two weeks. 


  • Accurate local forecast
  • Today’s weather along with the forecast of the next two weeks
  • 24-hour live weather and minute by minute variation in it
  • Videos from AccuWeather reporters

3. CARROT Weather

If you’re a person looking for a weather forecast and some witty and humorous quotes accompanying it, this is the app for you.

CARROT weather delivers hilarious weather forecasts, which enlightens you about today’s weather and puts a smile on your face. 

But making knock-knock jokes is not all it does. You can know the weather of a place unknown up to 10 years in the past and 10 in the future! Neat, isn’t it? 


  • Accurate weather
  • Provides Weather of any location around the globe
  • 24/7 weather update

4. Dark Sky Weather

Considered one of the bests by the New York Times, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal, this weather app provides spot-on local weather information down to the minute. It gives the exact time of precipitation, the duration, and the density.

The visual of the app is a treat for the eye. You can enable the app's notification feature, and the app will warn you of the possibility of severe weather as soon as possible.

The animation of the app lets you keep track of the movement of the calamity.


  • Accurate information on the movement of the storm
  • Advanced notification options available
  • Although it is a paid app on iOS, on Android operating system, it is absolutely free!

5. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is an easy to use app and gives the necessary data about the current weather and of a possible change in it for the next ten days.

It endeavors to serve each of your needs. It gives data on temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, and much more. It gives you information about precipitation and gives you a look at the air quality in which you are about to step. 


  • Alerts you of storms or other calamities
  • Gives accurate hourly weather forecast
  • Helps you view local traffic conditions to save you time

6. Yahoo! Weather

Apart from giving accurate weather reports, Yahoo Weather comes with various fascinating features. The weather report is backed by beautiful scenery that matches the current weather.

Now see the Brooklyn Bridge under the drops of the night sky from the comfort of your home whilst getting important weather information. 


  • On-spot weather update
  • Alerts for severe weather conditions
  • Humidity sensor and a chance of precipitation

7. Arcus Weather

One of the most accurate weather apps on Android, Arcus hyper-local weather forecasts, provides exact weather data and its variables.

It warns you about the unforeseen change in weather where a lot of weather apps lag. Arcus weather uses API to get accurate weather information. 


  • Easy to use interface
  • Minute-to-minute forecast
  • Severe weather alerts

8. MyRadar Weather Radar

It is an easy to use app and gives detailed information about the weather around your location through its radar feature. It gives statistical data and visual aid to make your planning of the day even smoother.

It visually represents the weather and what impact it could have you. And that’s not all. It comes with a rain alert feature that predicts hyper-local rainfall.

Now there is no need to check up on your phone for weather after each interval. If there’s any change in the appearance of the bright blue sky, MyRadar will let you know in an instant. 


  • Quick and reliable
  • Easy usability
  • On-spot weather updates

9. Weather Radar Live

This powerful compact weather station provides real-time weather radar updates on an animated, interactive map. It is incorporated with an alert feature that will warn about the possible weather changes, so rain or storm may not hinder your plans unexpectedly.

The radar map will keep you updated with the weather at the given location. It is a highly recommended app if you want to be on your guard about the weather at all times. 


  • Easy Location Search
  • Interactive map
  • Storm, hurricane and lightning tracker

10. Flowx

The weather outside can be visualized from the comfort of your home with Flowx. This app will keep you on your guard at all times and provide you with detailed weather maps and graphs showing variations in the temperature, wind precipitation, humidity, and much more.

The storm tracking feature of this app will warn you before-hand so you could plan your day accordingly. You can also use the app without the internet. So no more sweating over not getting net reception. 


  • Choose the map styles
  • Customize your graphs
  • Use the app offline 


It is essential to be aware of unforeseen weather changes because they may become an impediment to your outdoor plans or urgent meetings. Don’t let weather become a major hindrance in your day-to-day life and beat this uncertainty with an iron fist.

Having a weather app keeps you on guard at all times and lets you know about each change in the weather. Therefore, it is probable that a weather app is the most important application to have on your phone. 

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