John Deere will produce 7J series tractors in its Argentina factory

Buenos Aires, June 11th. Since September, tractors of 7J Serie will be produced at John Deere’s plant in Granadero Baigorria, Santa Fe Province, announced local branch of the global farm machinery company.
The 7J tractors, with an engine power from 200 to 230 HP are the ideal ones to the no-till systems, widely extended in the Argentina farming.
“More than 50% of the components of these tractors will have an Argentinean origin”, says Fernando Otarola, Tactical Commercial Manager from John Deere Argentina, in dialogue with “Therefore, John Deere Argentina will produce locally tractors from 45 to 230 HP”, adds Mr. Otarola.
One of the key components of the tractors is the engine. Precisely, at Granadero Baigorria plant, JD is producing the engines that equip not only the machinery for the local market, but it is exported to the Brazil and México John Deere factories.
This year, JD is celebrating its first 60 years of production in the country. In the past month of March, global CEO Sam Allen arrived in Argentina to take part in the event. “After México, this country was the second foreign experience of John Deere”, remarked Allen.
According to Statistics and Census National Institute (INDEC) during 2017 it was sold 9.696 tractors, establishing a new record for the local market (see graph).

“We don’t expose our numbers of sales, but I can say that John Deere has a leading position in the local market share”, explain Otarola. He says, also, that 7J tractors are an ideal couple with DB series planters or 1745 planters. “We see a large opportunity integrating the John Deere portfolio of tractors and harvesters with planters and self-propeller sprayers”, concludes Otarola.

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