Profertil to use renewable energy to produce urea

(Photo: Chairman of YPF, Miguel Gutierrez (left) and general manager of Profertil, Daniel Pettarin, after the firm the agreement)

Buenos Aires, November 1st. The local urea producer Profertil agreed with YPF Luz a purchasing contract for the supply electric power from renewable sources. According to the press release, the contract has a 21 years duration and initially, 12% of the urea production will make from this non-contaminant source, to reach 60% of the total production in 2020.

“Today, the local legislation forces to use 8% of energy consumption from renewable sources and we start surpasses this mandatory floor”, Profertil CEO Daniel Pettarin told the media.

YPF Luz will supply 185 gigawatts/hour per year to Profertil, the equivalent to the consumption of 53 thousand homes.

The electric energy used by Profertil will come from an eolic park and will permit to produce 760,000 tons of urea per year, the half of the nitrogen requirement from wheat and corn crops in the country.

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