protect and enhance yields with biological solutions

(Photo: Country Manager Ignacio Moyano in the press conference)

Buenos Aires, September 17th. Argentina is the third world largest soybean country producer, with an expected 57 MMT harvest next season. But farmers’ investment in technology for this crop rounds 200 to 300 dollars per hectare, 50% less than a Brazilian farmer.

“Our challenge is to provide farmers with tools that protect the potential yields of crops, that is to say biological, physiological or nutrient solutions”, the country manager from Stoller Argentina, Ignacio Moyano, says in dialogue with

The local branch started its operation in Argentina in 1998, in the Cordoba Province. In 2012 Stoller Argentina inaugurated its biological facility with a production capacity of 1.5 million liters per month. Currently, the local team accounts for 60 people, 60% of them in “front office”, i.e. operating side by side with the farmers.

“Our goal is to increase 50% our operation in the soybean crop and duplicate the income in the next three years”, Moyano anticipates. Despite the presence of other competitors, like Yara, Compo or Arysta, they soybean market offers huge opportunities to biological and nutrient solutions, since the adoption rate is too low.

The flagship product in Argentina is Stimulate, a blend of bioidentical growth-regulating hormones that enhances yields, boosting the root growth that implies a better nutrient absorption, and hence a more vigorous plant. “We are in a strong position in the north of the country market with our products, but the goal is to grow in the central region (Pampa Húmeda)”, the country manager explains.

Stoller Argentina has a dealers channel that represents 80% of the sales, while the other 20% comes from direct sales to large farming companies.

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During a press conference at Buenos Aires City, Moyano told journalists that Stoller group founded in Argentina Stoller Biociencias, the global I+D arm company, leading by former Nitragin Claudio Pena, and focused into developing biological innovation for farmers. One of this innovation are biological herbicides, but farmers must wait 5 to 7 years to use them in the crops.

Furthermore, Stoller Argentina expects to grow in the inoculant market, since the largest Latam facility was inaugurated last year in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Currently, the company is provided by a local supplier based at the Patagonia region, but in the future, they expect to replace for its own production.

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