a new LIDE’s agribusiness summit

(Photo: Gustavo Grobocopatel heads the Agribusiness Chapter of LIDE Argentina)

October 10th. Next October 18th the seventh edition of the LIDE’s Agribusiness Chapter summit will take place at the Alvear Palace Hotel. LIDE Argentina is a non-governmental organization of businessmen and CEO’s of large companies, leaded by lawyer Rodolfo de Felipe.

The Agribusiness Chapter is leaded by Gustavo Grobocopatel, one of the larger farmers in the country. Thursday 18th, the summit will start with a panel named “The Most Competitiviness Industries”, integrated by Joaquin de Grazia, chairman of Granja Tres Arroyos, the largest poultry industry in Argentina; Pablo Paladini, manager of Frigorífico Paladini, a leading pork industry; Ezequiel Garbers country manager of Adecoagro, and Pablo Mainardi, CEO of forest products company Arauco Argentina. The panel will be coordinated (and also keynote speaker) by Tania Kaddeche, from the IFC.

After this panel, Laura Loizeau, VP of Lide Argentina, will talk about FoodTech and AgTech.

Some of the most prestigeus agricultural and farming industries are members of LIDE Argentina, like Atanor (agchemicals), Rizobacter (biologics), Metalfor (farm machinery), Profertil (nutrients) and Grupo Los Grobo (farming, storage, chemicals).

For more information, please visit www.lideargentina.com

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